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Through Proprietary  rights and media recognition we retain full rights to the Name Amber Alert since Ambers Abduction in January1996!

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      Amber  Hagerman

Her Life was Taken by a Coward and a Defunct    waste of a Human Being! But he will be Caught and Judged! and The Monster Put to Death that did this!


9-Year-Old Amber Hagerman, was abducted and sexually assaulted and Murdered in Arlington, Texas in Jan. 1996, Amber alert is named after her! May Amber Never be forgotten!

Here is the True story and History of the Amber Alert!

In January 1996, nine-year-old Amber Hagerman was riding her bicycle on a warm Saturday afternoon when a neighbor heard the girl scream. The neighbor saw a man pull Amber off her bike at the closed-down Winn Dixie Store on Abrams Street, throw her into the front seat of his pickup truck, and drive away at high speed. The neighbor called Arlington, Texas police, and Amber's brother Ricky went home to tell his mother and grandparents what had happened.
Donna Whitson, Amber's mother, called Amber's father Richard Hagerman at work, who rushed home. Richard Hagerman had seen Marc Klaas, Polly Klaas's father, on TV and contacted him, asking what to do, since Marc Klaas had experienced the same thing when Polly was abducted from her slumber party in California and then murdered by Richard Allen Davis, a convicted sex offender who was on parole.

At that time, Richard and Donna called the news media and the FBI. The Whitsons and their neighbors began searching for Amber. It was a cold winter that year and I (Bruce Seybert) was with a few people searching the Trinity River's bottom just north of Arlington with the others. Amber Hagerman was in Girl Scouts with my daughter, so this hit very close to home. I stopped in and talked with Donna and Richard and the grandparents, and helped deal with the press and news reporters.

During this time, neighbors and citizens of Arlington, Texas and all over the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex and Texas started a shrine at the abandoned Winn Dixie store near the loading dock where Amber Hagerman had been abducted. Four days later, a man walking his dog found her body in a storm drainage ditch. At that time, peoples' hearts fell out. The community mourned and questions turned to anger after the autopsy showed 9-year-old Amber Hagerman had been sexually assaulted, then murdered. At this, Donna and Richard Amber's parents started the Organization P.A.S.O., People Against Sex Offenders, Amber Hagerman. We ran P.A.S.O. out of my pickup truck with a camper shell on the back at the shrine at the abandoned Winn Dixie loading dock. We had freezing temperatures and even snow that year! We collected all the signatures we could to take to then-Governor George Bush Jr., for tougher laws to protect the children. During this time, President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton called to express their feelings of sorrow and loss to Donna and Richard. They gave them the phone number to the Chief of Staff, and were assured if they called the President, their call would be returned within 24 hours! During this time, Governor George Bush Jr.'s office contacted us and conveyed that the Governor felt Texas had tough enough laws and all they needed was better enforcement. God's Place International Church then came forward after seeing us on the news working out of my pickup truck, and donated office space for us to use!

After we had an office space for P.A.S.O. things began to grow and happen fast. The newspapers, live news on television and radio featured our cause in the news daily, trying to catch the killer of Amber Hagerman. I became the office manager, handled press releases and was the spokesman for P.A.S.O. We had Laurie, a computer genius, join us. Then AST Computers donated a computer system to P.A.S.O. and Microsoft donated software. Thus, learning how to use a computer began. Internet service was donated, so now knowledge was a click away! Since Governor Bush made it clear he was not going to do anything, we contacted then-Congressman Martin Frost, and, with Marc Klaas' help, we drafted the Amber Hagerman Child Protection act, which was signed into law October 1996 by President Bill Clinton. During this time Marc Klaas and I had talked about what needed to be done when Polly was abducted and what was not done. Thus the idea of the AMBER ALERT™ was born.


After a trip to Washington DC in July 1996, we were asked to attend a Media Symposium at the Arlington Convention Center that month. All the TV stations, newspapers and radio stations were in attendance. Richard Hagerman had a speech prepared to give, but upon our arrival we were notified that I was the one they wanted...they were honoring the top community leaders of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex! With nothing prepared but what was on my mind, I was given 20 minutes to tell the media what they needed to do and what needed to be done, Amber Alerts were to be Communicated, through Cell Phones, E-Mail, text messaging,Pagers, Fax’s, and Computer’s including setting up data bases. Thus the Amber Alert™ was born. I went into detail about what the police needed to do and what the media could do to get info out faster on abducted children, since the first 24 hours is the most important. The Helicopter news and traffic reporter from KRLD Radio took what I had to say to the Dallas Police Chief, and the rest is history. 2 months later Rick Roberts, then of KRLD, Richard Hagerman and myself (Bruce Seybert) sat in the KRLD Radio studio running the first test of the Amber alert™, In 1997 as a Joint Effort WBAP and other DWF Radio station worked in Conjunction to purfect and exspand the Amber Alert™. Governor George Bush Jr. contacted us wondering why we went to the Federal Government for help on laws and not to him! Well, as you read before, we went to him and were told there were already enough laws and they just needed enforcement. Governor Bush released the crime statistics for 1996 and said sex crimes were down. Interesting point...Texas judges were giving sex offenders Deferred Adjudication as if molesting a child was the same as a traffic ticket! If these crimes were combined, the sex crimes had actually increased. Since 9 out of 10 sex offenders re-offend, how many more children were molested for their failure to put the sex offenders in jail? Now President George Bush Jr. signed the Amber Alert into Federal Law.
FACTS: George Bush Jr. nor the DOJ had anything to do with the Amber Alert in any way, other than making it federal law since most states had already incorporated the Amber Alert™. The Amber Alert was developed as a tool to save children's lives, not for political gain. And from a governor who did not help, to a president who finally did help on a whim, well, you see the facts! The first mention of what now is known as the Amber alert was based on what Mark Klass had said needed to be done and had asked for in the past. All of this was mentioned at the Arlington City Council meeting from the beginning, as well as to the local newspapers.

        I wore these buttons during all news conferences, lobbying and press releases.


 Picture Taken With Congressman Martin Frost in 1996, while working on the Amber Hagerman Child Protection Act!



                                                   Business Card from P.A.S.O. 1996

Amber Hagerman's killer has still not been caught. John Douglas, the founder of the FBI Profile unit, profiled her case for Donna and Richard. He says since this man got away with it, at some point he will kill again. He also felt at that time her killer lived in the area, so he may have moved by now.
or May still Live in the Area! Any Information Concerning Amber Hagerman's abduction and Murder should be forwarded to the Arlington Texas Police Department at (817) 459-5600 or the Fort Worth FBI Office. A Very Big Thank You to Detectives Mark Simpson( Retired) and Jim Ford of the Arlington, Texas Police Department who have and still work endless Hours on Amber's Case!

A Big Thank you and Acknowledgment to 2 Very Special and extraordinary People!

Ray Roberts and Leslie Gail Brooks, Ray was instrumental in Promoting the Amber Alert and Getting it needed attention and Leslie Gail Brook and Ray Roberts  Made the Most awesome song for Child Protection called " Not My Child" if there Ever was a song that was the National Amber Alert awareness Song this song is it!  and God Bless them for all they Have done to Protect the Children of the world!

Pease Support  State Legislation and State Amber Alert programs to ensure funding and Tell them you want Amber Alert License plates!



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Donna Amber's Mothers Letters to Ambers Killer!                                                                                 

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"Always listen to the Children, and protect them"

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What's Next for the Amber Alert™, be a part of it and lets make it Happen as I said in 1996, Lets Take the Amber Alert™ World Wide and protect all of the children in the world! and make it better!                               

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BEWARE "In no way was Pastor Charles Williams associated with the release of the AMBER ALERT, and is a Fake, He  Has no media Proof and Claims WBAP, this is False the Amber Alert was released at KRLD Radio!!


"In no way was Pastor Charles Williams associated with the release of the AMBER ALERT at a media Symposium (which was based on the facts Mark Klaas had released years prior, outlining what was needed after his daughter Polly was abducted by Richard Allen Davis and murdured) at the Arlington Convention Center, nor was he involved when taken to KRLD Radio By P.A.S.O. Also, Pastor Charles Williams was not at the first test of the Amber Alert either! not  in any way is are things endorsed things related in the Amber Alert Name that he sells! Still after being told to remove the  picture of Amber Hagerman it remains on his website. his website is so full of falsehoods. He Claims he has e-mails took it to WBAP radio, Fact is KRLD CBS News Radio is where the Amber Alert™ was Released Based on what I laid out at the Media Symposium at the Arlington Convention center and from Day1, WBAP Radio, Did not release the Amber Alert until 1997 as a Joint effort of the Radio Broadcasting Stations of DFW!

More Amber Alert Bottom feeders that  make a profit using something they did not create nor put the sweat in to make happen Please check out the list and boycott them and there sponsors ! Contact your legislators and say enough is enough for these bottom feeders!

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True Facts about the False Amber alert Founder, Pastor Charles Williams :

Facts as Displayed by Wikipedia  in the History of the Amber Alert , the Name Amber alert was used in the First News Broadcasts and in City Council meeting before Amber's Body was found! By My self!

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The "Amber Alert" and "The Amber Hagerman Child Protection Act" are the results of what was needed and what is still needed to Protect the Children! Please watch the Video below, and Help Mark Klaas continue in his work to protect the Children!

The Amber alert™ Ticker from Beyond missing is the only one that is Recognized and endorsed !

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The amber alert founder is not debatable, The Concept was Based on Ideas by Mark Klaas, The Name was given Amber Alert™ by Myself, Bruce Seybert, from Day one as the Amber Alert™! 


                                          CBS News Radio 9-3-2008 KRLD Radio


But we created the "Amber Alert™" name we maintain through Media Recognition for Non-Profit use and Protecting the Children!

The Name "Amber Alert™" and its use have been Given to Thrasher Media Inc. for its use! and is Endorsed  By Donna and My-self!

My Short Biography:

All Know me as Bruce aka DJ TXBad1, I am a Disabled Veteran and Have been since I was 19 years old, I was a community Activist in the City of Arlington , Texas and had sat on a Mayor and Councils committee at one point.

 I was Born and Raised in San Diego, California, I went to Grossmont High School where at age 17 and During the Last Months of the Vietnam War I dropped out and Enlisted in the United States Army, I Later Graduated from Grossmont High School and worked and attended College and to this Day I am attempting to finish My Law Degree and work with Constitutional Law, I Drove Truck for 20 years and became Disabled to the Point that was taken from me, As a Disabled American, Company's may not want us But we can make a Difference. 

 From the Day Amber Hagerman was abducted I took a fight for a Cause and  after Mark Klaas said on the Day Amber was abducted what needed done from the very 1st City Council Meeting in Arlington, TX. Before Ambers Body was found had already  called this the Amber alert and was Pushing For it, It became a reality at KRLD Radio in Arlington, Texas.

  My Daughter and my Son are the Most Valued thing in my life and this Hit Home, My Daughter was in Girl Scouts with Amber, And we Lived  3 Blocks from Ambers Grand Parents and I was there to help from Day one! 

Arlington Texas is the Home of the Amber Alert! and to All those Reporters at the Media symposium at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington Texas in 1996, that took what I said to Heart and for  the Love of all Children, The Amber Alert is Because of your efforts and all of the Local Law Enforcement! 


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 "A Very Big Thank you, to Lady A in San Diego, California for her Help, she Knows who she is!"


                     Another Caring Citizen of Arlington, Texas that Lost his Life to Violence! To all that knew him as Dimebag,  we Knew him as the Big Guy, He took a girl from Amber and My Daughters Girl scout troop to the Father Daughter Dance because her father Could not make it! May God Bless Dimebag. He lost his life in Columbus, Ohio, while Performing with his Band!



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